EXTINCTIONS Business Services
A Division of EXTINCTIONS Fossil Company



EXTINCTIONS Business Services does appraisals on museum, university, and private fossil collections for insurance, tax, and dispersal purposes. We can determine the current market value for individual specimens in a collection, or the entire collection as a whole. The collector must provide detailed photos and/or the actual specimen(s) and as much information about the fossils as possible (provenance - scientific name, common name, age, formation, country, state, county, or province). We also do identification services during an appraisal if the information is not known (for an additional charge).

Minimum charge for report on EXTINCTIONS, Inc. letterhead is $100. Charge of actual appraisal time is $50 per hour. If the number of specimens excedes 100, or if travel is needed, an estimate will be issued. Fossil identification services are charged at $25 per hour, minimum one hour. Any questions? Please contact us.


EXTINCTIONS can even come to YOU to appraise your collection.


Specific fossils or photos can be sent for an appraisal.